Grind Machine 2 – High Gain Amp Model Review


Here is my review of the amazing Grind Machine 2 from Audio Assault!

Long story short, if you want a good, heavy guitar sound in your DAW – this is the plugin for you!!

From the Product Page (


Grind Machine II provides a wide variety of high gain amp flavors!
  • 90210 emulates the legendary american high gain of choice.
  • Acutronix is an original designed clean preamp tone which compresses naturally at higher gain settings while still retaining a clean tone.
  • Ak-45 is an original design high gain preamp tone that can drive you down the Rocky Mountain Way straight to the Highway To Hell!
  • Bassmaster is based on a legendary bass amp adopted by guitarists in the 60’s. This same amp inspired Jim Marshall’s JTM45 amp.
  • BRT 880 is based on an amp that can be considered nothing short of Rock Royalty.
  • Butterton is an original design high gain preamp that delivers a buttery midrange that’s perfect for filling out a mix!
  • Demoniac emulates the great german high octane amp.
  • Lil Monster is the byproduct of an alchemist and a mad scientist competing in a battle to the death.
  • Mod 37 is based on rock royalty with the coveted #34 mod
  • PVGL Fire is an inspired hybrid of German and American high gain legends!
  • Raptor is based on the single tube amp that reformed our expectations of what rock guitar should be!
  • The Knife is an original design high gain preamp with a tone that can cut like a knife…or a machete!
  • The Sonic is inspired by a popular German amplifier known for its high headroom that keeps the mud away!
  • Triceratop is based on the triple pronged monster from the same line as the Raptor.
  • UV35 is based on another German legend popular for its face melting tones!


Grind Machine II comes loaded with 15 custom cabinet IR’s in its expandable IR section!
  • Choose between cabs freely
  • Add your own cabs to the IR folder
  • Cabs loaded into Grind Machine II can benefit from our proprietary Impact control, which emulates the microdynamic response of a speaker!
  • “Impact” controls the amount of speaker movement being emulated. Zero provides no movement modeling, while 100% emulates the dynamic movement of an extremely loud speaker.
  • Cab switch bypasses the cab loader and Impact section completely, allowing you to use any IR loader you wish with Grind Machine II’s preamps!