5 Cracking Overdrives

5 Fantastic Alternatives to Tube Screamers and Bad Monkeys

If you’re on the hunt for an overdrive pedal that’s not the ubiquitous Ibanez Tube Screamer, we’ve got you covered. We’ve expanded our list to include ten fantastic alternatives, each offering unique characteristics and tonal flavors. These options will help you find your perfect overdrive and achieve the sound you’ve been craving. Before diving into the list, please note…

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Unleash Your Guitar’s Potential with the Best Fuzz Pedal Circuits: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the diverse world of fuzz pedal circuits and find the perfect distortion tone for your guitar. From classic vintage fuzz to modern high-gain sounds, learn about the different types of fuzz pedals, including Fuzz Face, Big Muff Pi, Fuzz Factory, and more. Explore the unique features and benefits of each circuit and find the best fuzz pedal to add to your rig.

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