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Eddie Rifkind Satellite of Fuzz Demo

The Satellite of Fuzz is a new fuzz pedal from Eddie Rifkind. It is his first major pedal release and is a Tone Bender inspired fuzz pedal with attitude in bundles! Grab yours from: reverb.com/uk/shop/eddies-boutique-69 Backing track can be found www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws5BFxIy99I Also, you can find T1 Picks at www.t1picks.com Buy from Thomann ► www.thomann.de/gb/thlpg_92kssqgdqc.html #GuitarReviews…

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The ProCo RAT: Probably the Best Distortion Pedal Ever (and why it’s never on my board!)

I’ve searched for years for the perfect distortion pedal. It turns out that it was built around the same year I was born! The ProCo RAT (2 in this case) It is probably the best distortion pedal ever!! Buy one- just fo it!! Thomann: redir.love/thoprod/185691?partner_id=74753 Buy from Thomann ► www.thomann.de/gb/thlpg_92kssqgdqc.html #GuitarReviews #GuitarTutorials #AMGuitar Go to…

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