Harley Benton DC Fat Junior – Coming Soon!

hb dc red

Now, this is cool. Some of the most anticipated guitars from Thomann’s Harley Benton range last year was the Junior series, the single-cut (SC) and the double-cut (DC). Both guitars seem to have sold well, mimicking the Gibson Jr guitars, but at a fraction of the price!

Well, one reviewer and Thomann promoter, Andy Ferris (The Guitar Geek) had one bit of feedback for them when he checked them out. He would have loved a version with a thicker neck.

Roll on January 2020 and he releases a little video – His wish is coming true!

Sure enough, Harley Benton is releasing an upgraded version of the DC Junior with a fatter neck and some seriously impressive specifications. It will have a fatter neck, reminiscent of the old ’59 Les Pauls, an ebony fretboard and most interesting a stacked P90 – basically a humbucking P90 with a coil-split option on the tone push-pull pot. Oh, and it will be in red.

All in all, this thing looks amazing and if his demo is anything to go by, it is going to sound great.

It is in the “premium” priced end of the Harley Benton spectrum at around £200, but that is still a great price if this guitar is half as good as it could be!

Keep your eyes peeled, I may have to try and get one to review!

Preorder yours now (UK Links)

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