August 10, 2022

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Solo Competition Backing Track Download In Association With Budget Pedal Chap

Solo Competition Backing Track Download In Association With Budget Pedal Chap 1

Download the Backing Track  –

The Fret Talk podcast and I are launching a Solo Competition! Read on to find out more.

BudgetPedalChap is joined by Andrzej from the DaveRage Instagram channel today to bring you a very special Podcast in the interview series. This is the first part in a two-part cast that signals the end of the current season of interviews, which will take a hiatus over the Christmas holidays (the normal podcast will continue as normal, don’t worry!). In this podcast, we get to know the DaveRage Instagram channel, the Yet Another Review Site YouTube account that partners with it also.

We talk about what got Andrzej into guitar initially and some of the deep questions that run along with guitarists too. The reason why this is a special two-part cast, however, is because we’ve got a super awesome competition coming up where you, the listener, can win some awesome stuff!!! 

Go and listen to the podcast on iTunes now – 

So, here is the premise

1-minute backing track, which you need to do your own solo over the top of and post on your Instagram account (link below). For your solo to be counted, you need to use the hashtag #BPCYARS otherwise, we might miss it! 

Your solo doesn’t need to be the fastest or most technical solo, in fact, the focus will be more on musicality than technical prowess. You also need to use a guitar effect that is unique or special to you; think something crazy, outlandish or just something you wouldn’t be without (tell us about your pedal in the post too, we are genuinely interested as to why you chose that pedal). The more unusual effects and more musical your solo, the more likely we will be to pay attention to it, so get playing! 

As a recap:

  • Your own solo 
  • Use an odd or interesting pedal 
  • Use the hashtag #BPCYARS 

As a bonus to this, to add some more prizes to the prize pot, Andrzej and I have thrown out the challenge that if we could get 100 subs on the BudgetPedalChap YouTube and 300 on the Yet Another Review Site YouTube, we will throw an extra prize into the mix, so if you’d like more chances to win, get sharing this competition with your friends too! 

BudgetPedalChap Channel: 
Yet Another Review Site Channel: 

The competition will close on 1st of December 2018 and will shortly afterwards be judged and winners will be announced on the second podcast.