The Pentatonic Scale – Easy, Versatile and a great first step into musical theory

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In this tutorial, I take a look at the importance of musical theory, the major, minor and pentatonic scales. I focus on why the pentatonic scale is so great to learn, how to apply it in both major and minor and how to blend the two. I hope you find it helpful.

A pdf download of all the scale charts I used.

Here are some of my favourite channels for learning guitar and music theory!

Paul Davis. Great teacher who has some brilliant stuff for beginners –

Marty Music. The man who taught me how to play little wing! –

Ross Campbell. Advice, lessons and more, just a great teacher –

Rob Chapman. Not as much teaching these days, but dig into his past videos and there are some brilliant advanced lessons. His explanation of Modes is superb. –

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Also – a bonus video from my daughter – if you have kids who are into this stuff, please let them see it and subscribe!!


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