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A Chat with Rob Chapman (and a little exclusive)

A Chat with Rob Chapman (and a little exclusive) 1

Continuing my interviews with interesting people in the industry, I managed to nab an hour of Rob Chapman’s time. We talked guitar teachers, new music, youtube, martial arts and a little exclusive bit info about the next project from Chapman Guitars

Check out Rob on YouTube –
Listen to Chromatic Abberation from Monkeylord (his latest musical endeavour) –
and of course, Chapman Guitars

Jump to the good stuff!
00:20:00 – Chapman Guitars Exclusive!
00:01:20 – The importance of teachers
00:11:30 – From Music to Chapman Guitars
00:25:30 – The guitar community
00:34:36 – Proudest moment (Guitar related)
00:38:35 – Martial Arts

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