6 Ways To Make Music A Bigger Part of Your Life

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What would life be without music? It’s barely worth thinking about. It’s there when we’re feeling happy, sad, angry, when we’re trying to relax, and at just about every other moment. Whatever it is you’re doing, there’s a genre that’ll help elevate the mood. However, it’s one thing to know all the benefits that music can bring to your life, another to have it in your life as much as you’d like, or in the way that you’d like. While there’s always room to have the radio on in the background, curating your musical identity and discovering new music does take a little bit of time. But it’s a fun process, at least. Below, we take a look at ten ways you can make music a bigger part of your life. 

On the Move

Sure, it’s all good and well to have the sounds of the earth accompanying as we walk around, but how often do we really get to enjoy such moments? Not all that often if we’re living in a busy urban area. Then, it’s more likely that it’ll be beeping cars and sirens and all the rest. And who wants to listen to that? Much better to have your own music to guide you as you take a relaxing stroll. You’ll need a device for playing music (all about personal preference: cassette players are fine, though your smartphone will be more convenient…), and some high-grade headphones that block out the external noise. Keep the volume at a sensible level, however, for the sake of your long-term hearing.

Local Music Scene

It’ll be the big players in the game who get you first hooked on music, those artists and bands who crank out track after track, and who sell out stadiums for their live shows. But they’re just not the celebrities of the music world — they’re not even, always, the most talented. While you’ll be unlikely to uncover the next The Beatles in your local area, you’ll have a new appreciation for music if you’re involved. There’s a lot of value in supporting your local music scene — if nothing else, it’s fun. If you live in a big city, then you’ll by and by find that there’s a thriving underground music scene that you may one day be in the inner circle of — there are many more people playing music than is commonly thought.

Subscribe to Magazines and Read Online

With music, it’s all about what you know. Indeed, the music listening world can be more or less divided into two categories: those who know what’s going on, and those people trying to catch up. Music is about more than just listening to and enjoying tracks: it’s about reading what’s happening in the world, understanding the motivation behind the artists, and just simply keeping up to date with the news. For this, you have to read. There are plenty of fantastic music magazines, from ones that focus on a particular genre to more general magazines that focus on what’s hot. Take a look at NetVoucherCodes.co.uk, and get a discount on a subscription to a magazine that interests you. You’ll find that spending an evening reading about music while also listening to the tracks you’re reading about is a fine to spend a night. If you prefer to do your reading online, then there are a host of excellent music websites to choose from. 

In the Home

And talking about listening to music in the home: you’ll need to have the correct set up in order to do it properly. There’s just no way to fully appreciate the music craft by playing songs through the in-built speaker of your phone or laptop. Of course, the sky’s the limit when it comes to home audio, but you don’t need to break the bank: there are speakers that’ll do the job that’ll cost around sixty pounds. It’s highly recommended that you have a Spotify or other music streaming account — it just makes listening to music easier. However, if you want to make it a richer, fuller experience, then you can look at investing in a vinyl set up. It really does improve the music listening experience.  

Really Listen 

When you’re first listening to music, you’re drawn to, oh, who knows what? It stirs up some sort of emotion inside you — you can’t factor what exactly it is. It could be that it’s the attitude just as much as the notes that are playing. That’ll be your initial approach to the music, but after awhile it’s recommended that you go deeper. Instead of just listening to the song on a surface level, it’s a good idea to really listen to what’s going on. Train your ear to hear how the song is constructed, the different layers, and the lyrics. Everyone has different things that they hear in a track. Some people hear the melodies, and pay next to no attention to the words being sung. For some people, it’s the other way around. With your favourite tracks, figure out why you like the song — it’ll give you a whole new appreciation, and also give you something to say when people ask you, “what kind of music do you like?”

If you need to train this side of your understanding, you can turn to the experts. There are some fantastic YouTube channels that explain why a song is good, for instance. One of the best is Rick Beato’s channel. He’s a music producer that breaks down well-known songs and explains why they’re so good.

Stay Open

We all go through a phase of figuring out what kind of music we like, usually, this happens in our teens and develops into our twenties. But then, sometimes we get stuck — we’re stuck on repeat. It’s always good practice to carry on discovering new music. You might just find that there’s a genre, previously unheard, that blows you away, especially music from other continents. Don’t close yourself off to the joy that is music!