Donner Mini Looper Pedal Review


Here is my review of the fabulous, teeny tiny Donner Mini Looper Pedal!

This is a looper pedal that can record up to 10 minutes of layers. It can reverse them, slow them down (and speed them up) as well as expert them to a PC or Mac. Enjoy!!

You can get one here from Amazon (Affiliate link):

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Spec from the Manufacturer

  • Three models:
    • 1/2 Speed Mode: Provide 1/2 speed playback recording,
    • NORMAL Mode: Provide normal loop speed.
    • Reverse Mode: Reverse play (Recording function disable).
  • 10 minutes of looping
  • Unlimited overdubs and undo/redo.
  • Import/Export loops from PC/Mac (44.1 kHz, 24 bit).
  • Super mini size,made of aluminum alloy, Convenient and durable.
  • LED indicator shows the looper status.
  • True bypass
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